We inspire you to think differently about your business

Small and medium sized businesses need a helping hand in today’s ever changing environment.
The finance and back office is crucial to the success of an organisation.
Our main values are inspire and grow.


Small and medium sized businesses need a helping hand in today’s ever changing environment. The finance and back office is crucial to the success of an organisation.

Having useful, understandable and regular financial information helps the owners and managers of businesses make informed decisions. Clarus Knight ensures that information is provided in a timely manner and we are always here to help you, the business owner, achieve your goals.

Our main values are inspire and grow. We believe that the Clarus Knight Service will inspire you to think differently about your business and in turn help you to grow. We are business advisors that have a passion for our clients and their businesses they run.

We want our clients to be happy, fulfilled and to ultimately achieve their goals and we work hard from the outset to understand these goals which helps us build strong and long-lasting relationships.

We offer three main packages to businesses across a wide range of industries that need help with their finance function and we cater for businesses that need different levels of input from their accountants.

We always work on a fixed fee basis to ensure you are getting the most from your Clarus Knight accountant and there are no nasty surprises at the year end.

Fixed fees are quoted up front so that our clients know for certain they are receiving value for money.

Our accountants are friendly, personable and fun to be around. We are a pleasure to work with and we have a real passion for customer care and the client experience.

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Clarus Knight has a fantastic network of people and businesses that come highly recommended, from professional contacts like lawyers and IFA’s to brand identity and marketing experts.

The team of Clarus Knight accountants are detailed below:



Managing Director

Richard is the managing director of Clarus Knight. He trained with Wellers and has spent over ten years working in the public practice sector of the accounting industry.

Richard is the founder of Clarus Knight. He services a wide range of clients across many different industries; however he has particular interests in the construction, recruitment and hospitality sectors.
Richard is passionate about business and the clients he works with.
He considers everything it takes for his clients to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

From producing useful and understandable management information packs to considering the overall strategy of the business, Richard has a wealth of experience in giving his clients the tools they require to succeed.

Friendly and enthusiastic with strong communication skills and a drive for success Richard strives to ensure all of his clients receive the highest level of customer service that they deserve.

Richard’s interests outside of work include sport (both participating and observing), reading and films. He is a keen follower of Arsenal FC.

  020 7692 0704

    07528 712036


Client Services

Beatriz is Clarus Knights client services manager. She works with clients to ensure their back office is in great shape. She does this by ensuring the books and records are kept in pristine condition on a regular basis, along with considering the systems clients use are of the highest standard.

Beatriz has a wealth of experience helping small and medium sized businesses with regards to their accounting and finance function.

Friendly, personable and fun Beatriz is great addition to the Clarus Knight brand and comes highly recommended to all the firm’s clients and contacts.

Contact Beatriz by using the number below:

  020 7692 0704


Monthly Management reporting

Perhaps your business is at the level where it needs regular input from a qualified and knowledgeable professional.

This could be one or two days a week with a Clarus Knight accountant with an aim to producing monthly management accounts that provide insight into the overall goals and strategic position of the business.

Clarus Knight will come to your premises and work with you to ensure you are getting the most from your finance function, and the service includes regular management meetings.

Quarterly Management reporting

Your business may not have reached the level at which it requires monthly management reporting. Therefore Clarus Knight offers a quarterly solution to ensure you are still getting the most from your finance function.

This could be two to four days a month depending on what information and level of input is needed.

Yearly statutory filing

The Clarus Knight Service does not just include the useful and regular management information that we provide to a wide range of businesses.

Perhaps right now all you need is a simple corporate structure, company formation and a Clarus Knight accountant to ensure all your regular filing requirements are taken care of.

These include:

  • Monthly Payroll reporting

  • Monthly or quarterly VAT returns preparation and submission

  • Annual company accounts

  • Company tax returns

  • Personal tax returns

These services can be provided virtually, with a year-end meeting to discuss your figures and plans for the future.


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